Use of Perfluoron for Large-Volume Vitreous Biopsy – Or, How We Learned from Aesop’s Crow

4: 00, Pauline T. Merrill, MD


Accurate diagnosis of inflammatory, infectious, or neoplastic processes of the posterior segment may require a vitreous biopsy. The yield of conventional ''dry'' vitreous biopsy is approximately 1cc of undiluted vitreous, which is often insufficient for the battery of tests required. Inspired by the crow's ingenuity in Aesop's ''The Crow and the Pitcher'', we demonstrate a safe and efficient way to obtain a large volume of undiluted vitreous by using manual Perfluoron infusion.


Renaud Duval, MD, FRCS(C)
Kirk H. Packo, MD, FACS


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